SongLyrics is one of the largest entertainment websites in the world, delivering over 75 million ad impressions and receiving 17 million page views per month. 3rd Corner Studios was brought on board to redesign the website’s look and create new user-driven features to help increase conversion rates (turning visitors into registered users) and user interaction and retention (getting people to come back after signing up).

In this post we show you some design before and afters and run down the features we came up with to drive higher site interaction, user retention and return visits.

First Things First, The Embeddable Widgets Pop Up Box

SongLyrics has a feature where webmasters can embed certain sections of the SongLyrics website on their own site. So if I have a music blog I can embed SongLyrics‘ Top Artists or Top 40 Songs lyics on my site.

Awesome feature already but the embed popup box was a problem. Our first order of business was to refresh the design of the popup box to get a higher conversaion rate for embeddables. The result:



Embed Pop Up Before Redesigning
Previous design of the pop up for embeddables



Embed Pop Up After.1 Redesigning
Updated design of the pop up

The Embeddable Widgets

They estimated a higher conversion rate with the new popup box but we decided we could get it even higher by actually revamping the widgets themselves. What we came up with is a more compact and stylish widget with two color themes to match light or dark themed websites and added features. The SongLyrics team agreed that the new popup box with the new widgets would yield the highest conversion rates.



SongLyrics Embeddable Widget Before2 372x1024 Redesigning
Previous widget design



SongLyrics Embeddable Widget After Redesigning
Updated design of embeddable widgets


New Embed Pop Up With New Widget.1 Redesigning
And here’s a final after of the popup box with the redesigned widget.


After updating the pop up boxes and widgets we created the concept and design for an all encompassing Official SongLyrics widget. The other widgets were embeddable sections of their site while the official SongLyrics widget would be the main features of the site (lyrics search, lyrics reader and song player) packaged in an easy, awesome, attractive embeddable. Also in two themes.

widgets Redesigning


The Home Page

With the widgets complete we moved on to the actual website. For the new version of the website SongLyrics wanted to create a community for socializing. Increasing their user base, visitor retention and visitor return rates was the goal of the new website. We created community driving concepts and features that would help achieve this goal then based our design around it. We called this Goal Based Design.

Increasing ad revenue was also a major goal for the new website. Our new design allows for better integration of full-page ads, as seen in the After screenshot below:



Song Lyrics Before 500x1024 Redesigning
Previous design of the SongLyrics homepage (click to enlarge)



Home Page Full Page Ad Writer Roll Call 801x1024 Redesigning
Updated design of the SongLyrics homepage with full-page advertisement (click to enlarge)


The Anatomy of The New Homepage

Weekly Features And Articles

SongLyrics is a website all about, well, song lyrics. But instead of just serving up lyrics we created the idea of having weekly features and articles. Weekly features and articles would help increase visitor retention and return rates. We created and designed the following 4 test concept feature slides for the content rotator we designed into the home page. content sliders Redesigning

Driving A Community

top user Redesigning

The last slide on the rotator is a call to action item that ties into the community.

We focused on attracting lyricists, poets and musicians to sign up for a profile. With a profile users can post their own lyrics and vote on other users’ lyrics. Users would also be able to post songs to their profiles.

All lyrics can be voted up or down by the community. The more positive votes lyrics get the higher position they have on the Top User Lyrics charts.

A member having their lyrics at the top of the charts on the homepage of guarantees massive exposure which can lead to popularity for that user. Because of this fact and understanding some users will refer their friends and family to sign up at SongLyrics in order to vote up their lyrics.

All of these features help drive a social community and leads to higher conversion rates.

The Monthly Listening Parties

With the major features in order we created one more concept to increase visitor returns. Every month the SongLyrics staff would pick their top 10 favorite tracks from major label artists and 10 tracks from the SongLyrics community. These 20 tracks make up what we named the Listening Party.

Visitors that aren’t signed in would be able to click on a song’s artwork and launch a pop-up box. In that pop-up box would be a player to play the song, a reader to read the lyrics, links to the artist’s page on SongLyrics and advertisements.
listening party Redesigning
fin Redesigning


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