3rd Corner Studios Best WordPress Site Award at welovewp.com

3rd Corner Studios wins best wordpress site award (most loved) for the month of November, 2012 at welovewp.com.

Best WordPress Site Award November

WeLoveWP.com has a┬ámonthly count of most loved sites. 3rd Corner Studios is proud *blush* to announce that we’re most loved for the month of November, 2012. This is our first published WordPress site award and we’re celebrating by offering 5% off when you mention ‘WordPress Award’ any time during purchase of services.

Awards and recognition are always good, right? To get an award you have to do it different or do it better, and usually both. We continually push WordPress in the direction of a web app framework to test it’s limits and see what we can produce the quickest, with most quality, being the most cost effective.

How we Won

3rd Corner Studios website design and state of the art jQuery forgery was the two point combo that has opened the eyes of competitors and clients alike. The unique ‘brand feel’ as we like to call it is a combination of design, interaction and functionality brought together with multiple design principles in mind:

  1. Our design is clean, functional, and distinct.
  2. Primary focus on the user’s experience while consuming and interacting with information.
For the 3rd Corner Studios WordPress site we used an internal WordPress framework that adds helpers for page fragments and caching so creating the fully AJAX site with lots of complex animations was easier.

When Awards are NOT Important

Awards help raise your businesses awareness in the professional community. Being awarded and recognized is only important when you let your customer base know about it, otherwise they’re as useful as a car that is never driven and sits in a garage. Speaking of which, go love us at welovewp.com and tell your friends (probably using Facebook or Twitter).

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