Who are we?

We're a small team of User Experience Crafters (designers), Code Heros (developers), Magical Music Wizards (music producers, engineers and mixers), Video Choppers (video editors) and Business Blessers (consultants) based out of Chicago with offices in Mainland China. We've been doing website design and development since 1999 and everything else since forever. Yes, we’re Highlanders and geeks -- the cool kind. Also, we have a dog named Tiger.

What do we do?

We paste Lorem ipsum all day. Get it? Well,  that’s an industry inside joke so don’t sweat it. We design and develop websites and apps for desktop and mobile platforms.

If you’ve got a song that needs mixing, we can do that. And we can do it well. Seriously, just listen to this.

And if you’ve got video you need edited we can chop it all up and make it look beautiful. See?

Since 2002 we’ve had a presence in Mainland China helping Western companies gain access to 2 billion potential clients and customers. We’re magnificent middlemen and creative courageous counseling consultants.

With consulting, web, music and video clients in industries that range from fashion to raw metals and in locations from Hong Kong to Alaska, 3rd Corner Studios is your one-stop-shop for everything except baking cookies and knitting socks. Actually, we can do that too.

What does the name mean?

Europeans in the 16th century divided the world into four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Our name, 3rd Corner Studios, is an ode to our humble international beginnings in Asia.

Why work with us?

Because we’re probably a lot like you. We’re just regular folks with awesome jobs and a wealth of incredible experience. We’re perfectionists that can’t cut corners and go the extra pixel to make sure our clients are happy. Happy clients bring more business and more business makes us happy. That’s an endless cycle of happiness!

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